How to Apply Lipstick

Achieve envy-inducing luscious lips perfect for any mood or occasion with these handy tips.

It can bring life to our dullest outfits, complement our makeup choices, draw attention to our faces and most of all, boost our mood on an ordinary day. What’s this secret elixir you may be asking? Of course we’re talking about those humble tubes of lipstick and lip gloss we carry around with us on a daily basis. More than a simple cosmetic, a good pop of lippy can transform our entire look. Matching colour with occasion and tone with outfit whilst plumping up our lips (the natural way) and making us feel ready to take on the world in style! Of course there’s more to achieving those luscious lips then reaching for the nearest tube. First you need to select the right colour for your skin tone, prep your lips and finally, apply with the finesse of an artist. Keep reading for these handy tips on applying lipstick and lip liner from The Body Shop’s very own in-house beauty experts.

TIP #1 – Select Your Perfect Shade

Your first and arguably most important step to luxurious lips is choosing the right shade for your skin tone and the occasion at hand. Professional makeup artists generally recommend choosing a lipstick or lip gloss one or two shades darker than your natural lips. Another method is to flash those pearly whites – your ideal shade is roughly the same colour as your gums! As for skin tone, the following shades tend to go best together: Fair Skin: Opt for pinks, beiges and other light colours. Medium/Tanned Skin: Opt for brown-based shades including rose, mauve and berry. Dark Skin: Opt for deeper shades including plums, chocolates and reds.

TIP #2 – Prep Your Lips with a Little TLC

So you’ve selected a great shade that effortlessly matches your skin tone? Congrats, you’ve solved one of your most difficult makeup and beauty conundrums! Now before you apply lipstick or lip gloss it’s important to ensure your lips are already in good condition. The best way to do this is by applying lip scuff daily or even a DIY lip scrub to treat dryness and chapped skin. You’ll also be pleased to know all The Body Shop’s lipsticks come with in-built moisturiser to keep them soft and conditioned.

TIP #3 – Choose to Play Up Your Eyes or Mouth

When aiming for lovely lips, choose whether you’d like to accentuate your eyes or mouth. If you prefer to wear heavy eye makeup, it’s best to opt for lighter shades of lipstick or even keep them nude. But, if you prefer the glamour and presence of red lippy, it’s best to keep the rest of your make-up low key so your luscious lips take the spotlight!

TIP #4 – Use Lip Liner for a Neat Result

Once you’ve got your lipstick or lip gloss in your favourite shade and moisturised your lips it's time to apply lip definer. Draw around the edge of your lips to keep your colour in place and prevent messy bleeding. Lip liner (also known as lip definer) will also fill in any small lines in your lip which can cause creasing, giving you a flawless finish.

TIP #5 – Apply Lipstick or Lip Gloss in Short Strokes

Now for the final step in the process, it’s time to actually apply the lipstick. Whilst make up experts vary on their opinion of the best method, our experts recommend using short strokes on the sharp side of your tube, filling in the entire area outlined earlier with lip liner. Using a brush will give you even more control and a better result, especially when using a vibrant colour like red. As an extra step, you could also consider finishing up with a little lip gloss over your lipstick for an extra polished result. Time to enjoy those luscious lips!