15 Eye Make-Up Tips Exposed

Learn 15 expert tips on how to apply eye makeup like a superstar. From eyeliner to mascara and eyeshadow, we’ve got you covered!

Your eye make-up says so much about your personality and your style. Whether you want to touch up your everyday look or create perfection on the red carpet, this guide will be your fairy ‘make-up’ godmother. Let us give you the confidence to make-up your eyes like a professional make-up artist. Enjoy these 15 tricks and tips to teach you how to apply eye make-up.

Hot Mascara Tips

1. Prevent Clumps with a Tissue. Remove any excess product from your brand new mascara wand by sliding the wand over a tissue. No chance of clumpy lashes for this diva. Try: Super Volume Mascara
2. Get Curls that Last. Give the wiggle technique a try. Move the brush back and forth at the base of your lashes then comb up towards the tips for a longer lasting curl. Try: Big and Curvy Mascara.
3. Mascara and Spoon Trick. Only rarely does cutlery belong in your makeup bag. And this is one of those times! Never get mascara on your skin again by placing a spoon curved side down below your eye before applying to your lower lashes. #winning!

4. Heat your Mascara. For longer, curlier more voluminous lashes that will give Katy Perry a run for her money, warm up your mascara. Soaking the tube in a hot cup of water will help you get more out of the bottle and make application a cinch.

Hot Eyeshadow Tips

5. Eyebrow Lift Cosmetic surgery is so overrated, especially when you can instantly achieve an eyebrow lift with white eyeshadow! When blended subtly on the brow bone (under the eyebrow), white eyeshadow acts as a highlighter. Try: Down To Earth Palette.
6. Dab For All Over Shadow. Whether you’re rocking a fierce emerald or pale pink, learning how to apply eyeshadow is easier than ever before. Simply use your finger in a patting or dabbing motion to achieve a more pigmented and even layer of shadow.

7. Shadow Fallout No More. Preventing eyeshadow fallout is as simple as one, two, three. One - Apply your eye makeup first. Two – Remove shadow that has fallen onto cheeks with a makeup wipe. Three – proceed with the rest of your beautiful face. Voilà!

8. Master Duos, Trios and Quads. Each colour has a specific purpose in eyeshadow palettes. We suggest using the lightest colour as a brow bone highlighter and the second lightest on your lid. While the second darkest colour is most suited for the crease, the darkest colour works best the outer corner of the eye for more drama. Nail your next smoky eye! Try: Down To Earth Quad Palette.

Hot Eyeliner Tips

9. Dot To Dot Eyeliner. A shaky unsteady hand ruining your face is a thing of the past. Draw a straight line across your lid by first lining your eyes with dots and then connecting them. Try: Skinny Felt Liner.
10. The Perfect Flick. Is the Adele wing your liner idol? Imitate her famous look by drawing eyeliner along the edge of business card for a flawless flick. Try: Liquid Eyeliner
11. Match Made in Makeup Heaven. Make your eye makeup last all night by setting your eyeliner with an eyeshadow of the same colour.
12. Pencil and Liquid Eyeliner Duo. To accomplish the perfect eyeliner, try using pencil eyeliner to start with. Once you have mastered a straight line, simply trace over it with your favourite liquid liner. Now flaunt it girl! Try: Smoky Eye Definer

Hot Eyebrows Tips

13. Back Up from the Mirror. Step away from the vanity when you’re shaping or filling in your brows. Distancing yourself can actually get your eyebrows back in shipshape. Try: Brow & Liner Kit.
14. More is More. Too much of a good thing can be truly wonderful, especially when it comes to shaping your eyebrows. For brows that your mates will praise, you need a brow pencil for shaping, brow powder for fullness and gel to set in place. We call that a triple threat!
15. Brow Gel is your Friend. Make nice unruly eyebrow shapes by using a gel that helps set, hold and define. Frame that gorgeous face with eyebrows that make a statement.