Our Campaigns

As a trusted global brand with a history of successful activism, we are uniquely able to voice the concerns of millions of customers and persuade decision makers around the world to implement measures to secure long-term positive change.

Some of our recent campaigns include Stop Sex Trafficking (2012), through which The Body Shop delivered 7 million signatures to the UN, and the EU Animal Testing Ban (2013).

In 2017 we launched one of our biggest campaigns yet, to ban animal testing in cosmetics globally. Find Out More


  • 1986

    Save the Whale

  • 1989

    Stop the Burning

  • 1990

    The Body Shop foundation

  • 1991

    The Big Issue launches

  • 1993

    Plight of the Ogoni people

  • 1996

    Against Animal testing

  • 1997

    Self esteem

  • 1998

    Make your mark

  • 2002

    Choose Positive energy

  • 2003

    Stop Violence in the home

  • 2008

    Get Lippy

  • 2009-2012

    Stop Sex trafficking